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Elevate Your Culinary Identity with Petra and Holum’s Exquisite Menu Covers!

At Petra and Holum, we understand the importance of making a lasting impression in the world of gastronomy. Our custom menu covers strike the perfect balance, adding depth and light to showcase your name and cuisine against a lustrous backdrop of premium configurations and materials.


🍽️ Crafted to Perfection:

  • From clean, clear, and crisp designs to robust, resilient, high-quality elegance, we create menu covers that reflect your unique style and brand identity.


Tailored Touches:

  • Explore a world of customization with our range of finishing touches, including satin corners, foil stamping, debossing, and embossing. Each detail is meticulously crafted to enhance the visual appeal and tactile experience of your menu covers.


📖 Versatile Solutions:

  • Whether you need a single menu sheet or an elaborate 8-page menu, Petra and Holum is your go-to source for custom menu covers. Our expertise ensures that every cover is a masterpiece that complements the culinary artistry within.


Partner with Petra and Holum to transform your menus into a work of art—where innovation meets elegance, and every dining experience begins with a visual feast.




Petra And Holum

“Petra and Holum have a unique combination of unsurpassed technical knowledge, artful production, and a die-hard commitment to their clients. They have been an invaluable partner. Even in extremely tight timelines and challenging situations we never had a doubt that they were as committed to the success of the project as we were. They have earned our highest recommendation.”

Clamor EXP Agency
Petra And Holum

“Petra and Holum has been a fantastic partner in not only helping us craft an elegant, high-end box that communicates the luxury experience, but were also instrumental in developing and fulfilling a complex, custom, high-touch product for our clients. They guided us through the development process with ease and ultimately ending up partnering in the production of a product that is now a hallmark of our brand.”

Luxury Portfolio
Petra And Holum

“We have worked with Petra and Holum for over a decade and have always appreciated their attention to detail, extremely helpful sales force!”

Petra And Holum

“Petra and Holum have been a phenomenal partner for over a decade to Hard Rock. Whether it’s menu covers, hotel directories or specialty products, the team always goes above and beyond. Being able to review prototypes on various substrates ensures everyone is aligned on the final product, including our executive team, prior to manufacturing.”

Hard Rock Cafe
Petra And Holum

“Petra and Holum have been a great creative partner for us in great concepts and creating our presentation materials. We are pleased with the high-quality products delivered that truly reflect the essence of our brand.”

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